Filipino Young ProfessionalS  

Washington DC


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Hike with FYP-DC - April 27, 2024


The Filipino Young Professionals of Washington, DC is organized exclusively for recreational, social, educational,  & charitable purposes. 

Our goals of this 501(c)3 organization are:

Professional Development

FYP primarily aspires to support the professional development and career advancement of its members. Through engagements such as the mentorship program, networking events, and the annual conference, FYP aims to increase members’ access to support and information to help them realize their professional aspirations.

Culture & History

In addition to being a professional organization, FYP also seeks to deepen understanding and celebrate elements of Filipino and Filipino-American history and culture as Filipino communities across the country evolve through generations. 

Community Outreach

FYP seeks to channel its members’ time, talent, and resources to contribute to community development and emergency relief efforts locally, nationally, and in the Philippines. Fundraisers, advocacy, and volunteerism are among the ways FYP will achieve this pillar. 

Social & Recreational 

FYP hosts social events to foster a sense of belonging and community among its members, and for fun and recreation. Activities under this pillar include happy hours, hikes, karaoke, dragon boat races, kickball, and holiday parties among others.